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About Propel Mentors


PROPEL addresses the critical need for school-based administrators who will achieve success in the Broward County Public School system’s turnaround schools. The purpose of PROPEL is to best prepare exceptional leaders to meet these Broward County Public School System needs by engaging outstanding teachers in the practice of their learned knowledge, skills, and dispositions under the supervision and evaluation of an effective principal. PROPEL takes a profound and distributive approach to school leadership and builds system-wide capacity within the district. Therefore, the role of the mentor principal is integral to the development of the PROPEL interns who will then demonstrate, through evaluation systems tied to student achievement, the ability to focus in on the instructional leadership of high-need schools before being selected to run those schools.

Mentoring can be a powerful growth experience for both the mentor and the intern. It is a process of engagement. No one can mentor without connection. In fact, mentoring is most successful when it is done collaboratively. Commitment by and engagement of mentoring partners are key elements to establishing, maintaining, and experiencing successful mentoring relations; for a successful mentoring process is a reflective practice that takes preparation, dedication, and time. Mentoring focuses on developing mutually understood and shared learner-centered relationships, balancing the mentor’s roles of offering support to that of facilitating the structured activities that are at the heart of this program.

In PROPEL, the mentors facilitate the development of the intern’s professional identity and vision. The mentors guide the intern through the continuum of observing, participating, and leading. This process follows a developmental sequence that varies in length from one stage to another. In PROPEL, the mentor principal is a seated school leader committed to oversee the on-site experience for their intern, including modeling, reflection, critique, and assessment. The mentor principal is a seasoned veteran in the field who will help prepare the intern for the transition from teacher leader to a turnaround administrator. 


Updated June 11, 2014