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South China Normal University Visit


On November 5th & 6th, 2012, Florida Atlantic University’s Principal Rapid Orientation and Preparation in Educational Leadership (PROPEL) program was visited by two Chinese dignitaries from the South China Normal University in Guangzhou, China.

Dr. Wang and Dean Wu visited the United States in hopes of developing an international partnership focusing on International Education and an exchange of ideas between China and the United States. Dr. Wang is currently the Executive Associate Director of Principal Leadership Development Centre of Guangdong Province and South China Normal University (SCNU). Dean Wu is the Vice President of the Chinese Society of Education.

With The Peabody College of Education and Human Development and Vanderbilt University being the current universities who possess such an exchange program, Dr. Wang and Dean Wu came to the United States to research international partners for SCNU with a particular focus on PROPEL and its foundational makeup. During their time spent visiting Florida Atlantic University, Dr. Wang and Dean Wu spoke of the Chinese educational systems background in educational reform, the Chinese national curriculum, and the transformation of the Chinese Nation for the development of every child.

The SCNU visit consisted of a two day conference that would work to go over the PROPEL program’s first year and its future at the FAU. During the first conference, Dr. Wang and Dean Wu were met by not only PROPEL’s founder and director Dr. Daniel Reyes-Guerra, but FAU and Broward County Notables such as Dr. Sharon Moffit, Director of HRD, and Ms. Anne Dilgen, Broward County Schools PROPEL coordinator. Several PROPEL participants were also selected to attend the first day of the conference in order to discuss their experiences through their first year of the program.

With the two day conference and gathering ending well, a further look at a possible exchange program between Florida Atlantic University and the South China Normal University is being greatly explored. The preliminary converses have concluded on the matter and there are great hopes for further exploration.

Updated April 11, 2013